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100% Plant-Based

Pork Dumplings

Vegan dumplings packed with plant-based protein, kale and shiitake  mushroom in a thin wrapper.

plant-based dumplings green_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Pork & Cabbage


Classic Dumplings packed with pork, cabbage, scallion, cilantro and ginger in a thin wrapper.

Pork Dumplings Pink_edited.jpg

Curry Chicken


Bold and flavourful dumplings packed with chicken, mild yellow curry, cilantro carrot and onion in a thin wrapper.

Curry Chicken Yellow_edited.jpg

Shrimp & Chives


Juicy dumplings packed with wild caught shrimp, pork, chinese chives and ginger in a thin wrapper.

Shrimp Dumpling Blue_edited.jpg


Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 5.14.28 pm.png

Mulan is a Chinese legendary woman warrior, who dresses up like a man and fights a war for her sick aging father and her young baby brother. Her Kung Fu and sword skills eventually helped her bring victory to the entire empire and honor to her family.


Wait a minute! why dumplings?! Well, she loved eating dumplings! Duh ?!

To sum up her character:

Mulan is not a princess.

Mulan does not wake up and look flawless.

Mulan does not need magic.

Mulan isn't afraid to try different methods.

Mulan blurs gender roles.

Mulan follows her heart.

Mulan is an inspiration to others.


IMG_9160 2.jpg


In 2016, co-owner Roya Shadravan had discovered she had a brain tumor. Luckily she survived the operation with no harmful symptoms. The event changed her and her partner Kristy Lam's lives. We became extra conscious about the food we ate, and it's health benefits. We found it challenging to find convenient, international cuisine that was also healthy. As a result, we left our established careers and created Mulan Dumpling. We put our heart and soul into making a variety of delicious dumplings with fresh and natural ingredients.


At Mulan, we believe food brings happiness and people together, and we care about the way we treat animals and mother earth. That's why we make sure the meats we use are without hormones or antibiotics. We use non-GMO fresh produce and real ingredients (no chemicals, etc.). Mulan was good at using her hand to fight. We are good at using ours to make fresh dumplings from scratch every day!

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